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creperie business plan template

Not accustomed to writing business plans? Our creperie business template will turn a typically challenging process into a total breeze.

Modelled on a complete business plan of a creperie in Normandy, our template features both the financial forecast and the written part that presents the project, its team, the local market and the business strategy implemented by the management.

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Creperie business plan template content

This template includes a complete business plan, with a financial forecast and the following sections:

  1. Executive summary:
    The executive summary gives the reader a clear and concise overview of your business idea
  2. Company:
    This section lays out the structure of your business, including its location, management team and legal status
  3. Products and services:
    Here, you'll give an overview of the services or products offered by the company
  4. Market analysis:
    The market analysis is where you’ll demonstrate that there is a strong demand for your products and services through a thorough assessment of the industry (customer profile, hot trends, regulation, competition, etc.)
  1. Strategy:
    This section highlights the company's game plan when it comes to pricing, marketing and mitigating risks along the way
  2. Operations:
    This step lays out the company's operational organisation, including the recruitment plan
  3. Financial plan:
    The financial plan includes a table of sources & uses (initial funding plan), and complete financial statements (P&L, balance sheet and cash flow statements).
  4. Appendices:
    This part provides the opportunity to include multiple financial appendices generated by our software (debt maturity profile, monthly financial statements, financial analysis, etc.).
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Creperie business plan template extract

Executive Summary

Business Overview

Crêpe Joyeuse will be a creperie located in downtown Caen and run by Mrs Sarah F. and M Arnaud. D.

The crêperie will offer dishes made up of local produce sourced from organic farms.

The two partners share a passion for French cuisine and extensive experience in the crepe industry, having worked together for 8 years at the crêperie Aux Crêpes Du Temps Passé.

Sarah started in sales, working in this position for five years before climbing the ladder to become manager of Aux Crêpes Du Temps Passé.

Arnaud has spent his entire career in the restaurant industry and was in charge of the kitchen during his time at Aux Crêpes Du Temps Passé.

Market Overview

French Market

France has an average of 175,000 restaurants nationwide, with total sales of €50 billion.

There are just over 4,000 creperies in France. Creperies are distinguished by their rather low average price per meal of around €13 according to FAFIH figures. However, the cost of making a pancake is also low, allowing room for a high-profit margin.

In 2019, there's been a noticeable change in French people's spending, with budgets for eating out and shopping has reduced significantly. A creperie, with its modest prices, is therefore up to date with modern consumer expectations.

Local Market

Most popular in winter, creperies are often perceived as seasonal restaurants. The dynamics on the local market, however, differ significantly from the norm due to the proximity of Normandy to Brittany, the home of crepes.

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There are 14 creperies in Caen. Offering predominantly traditional recipes, their concept differs slightly from the local produce and vegetarian angle we've modelled our creperie's concept on.

The creperie competition in Caen is intense, with many creperies situated within close range of one another. These are, like most restaurants, often located in the Vaugueux area or in the city centre between the theatre and Place St Sauveur.


There's a total of 14 creperies in downtown Caen, not including regular restaurants that sometimes offer crepes.

The rue St-Jean where we will be located, which stretches from Place St Pierre (downtown Caen) to the Pont de Vaucelles (train station area), is a very busy street with many shops.

The range of restaurants, of which there are 11 (including another creperie) is important here - as none of these restaurants offer traditional cuisine with organic products or vegan options.

Key Figures

Based on our assumptions, we believe we can generate a turnover of €529,266 in year 1 and €547,590 in year 2 (with 3.46% of growth). We hope to then develop our business over the following years to reach a turnover of €563,034 in year 3 (with 2.82% of growth).

We expect the company to be profitable in its second year of operation. However, our EBITDA should be positive over the duration of the plan, reaching €7,329 in year 1 (or 1.38% of margin) and €19,773 in year 2 (or 3.61% of margin) and €30,429 in year 3 (or 3.46% of sales).

The company should be sufficiently capitalized to allow us to honor our loan repayments while maintaining sufficient cash to meet any unforeseen events.

Our Ask

The initial financing requirement amounts to €130,000. The partners have planned to contribute €65,000 (50%) and we would like to obtain bank financing for the remaining €65,000.

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