How do I edit my business plan sections?

This article explains how to edit your business plan sections in our software. 

We will use this data to build your business plan, which can then be downloaded as a Word Document or PDF.

It’s fast and easy to do.

 the executive summary section page showing all of the subsections in that element

What is a section?

In The Business Plan Shopour software, your business plan is divided into sections which can contain one or more subsections. 

This organization helps structure your business plan in a logical manner, and makes it easier for lenders or investors to read the document or deep-dive on a specific aspect of your business.

How does the section editor work?

The section editor is where you can add, remove, rename, or delete subsections inside a section.

Content tab

The content tab allows you to manage the content that the section includes. You can add, delete and re-order subsections. 

Settings tab

The settings tab allows you to change the section title, and to include or exclude the subsection from the document. 

Comments & notes tab

The comments & notes tab lets you write important notes on each page that may prove useful at a later point. These notes can be kept private or shared with other users that you have invited on your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a subsection?
  • Firstly, click on the “content” tab at the top of the page
  • Next, click on the “add a subsection” button above the table
    • You can give the subsection a title in the table
  •  adding a new subsection to your business plan
  • Finally, press save & close
How do I delete a subsection?

Note: (Ignore this note if you are already on the edit section module).

Since each section has multiple subsections inside it, you’ll need to find out which section your subsection is part of and then delete it from there.

For example, if you wanted to delete the market overview subsection, you’d have to click on “modify the content of this section” next to the Executive Summary section.

This is because market overview is part of the executive summary.

To delete a subsection:

  • Click on “Modify the content of this section”
  • Click on the content tab at the top of the page
  • There will be a table with the subheadings “subsection”, “include in PDF” and “delete”  deleting one of your business plan subsections
  • Click on the delete icon for whichever subsection you want to delete
  • Press save & close
How do I re-order my subsections?


You can re-order subsections by dragging and dropping them inside the table

To re-order a subsection:

  • Click on the drag handle at the beginning of the row  reordering subsections on the business plan shop
  • Click and hold on the icon simultaneously, while dragging it to your chosen location in the table. 
  • The subsection should now be placed in your desired position in the table
How do I change the title of a section?
  • Firstly, click on the settings tab at the top of this page
  • You’ll now see a heading with the title “What is this section title”  changing the title of the section on the business plan shop
  • Enter your desired name into the text box allocated
  • Press save & close
How do I exclude a section from my business plan?
  • Firstly click on the settings tab at the top of this page
  • You’ll now see a heading with the title “Do you want to include this section in the document?”  excluding the strategy section from my business plan
  • Select the no option
  • Press save & close
How do I delete an entire section?


To delete an entire section, you’ll need to go on the edit outline module first.

  • Next, choose which section you want to delete from the table
  • Press on the delete icon next to that section  deleting two entire sections from my business plan
  • Press save & close
How do I restore an entire section?
  • Scroll down and click on view version history, just beneath the section editor table  restoring sections in my business plan using view version history and filters
  • Use the filters located above the table to find your deleted section

The final step will depend on whether your on desktop or mobile:

If you are on desktop:

  • Click on the "activate" button in the table to restore the element
 reactiviating the deleted section in my business plan on desktop

If you are on mobile:

  • Click on the "more" button at the end of the row
  • Click on the "restore element" button that appears
 restoring the deleted section in my business plan on desktop

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